Stage 4: Thrive

Sustain and expand to reach community-level impact.

During this stage, you’ll scale TechHire across the community. You’ll work with partners to illustrate how TechHire candidates are succeeding and how employers are benefitting from hiring through TechHire.

  1. Community Lead focuses on strategies to scale and expand to new regions or overlooked populations.
  2. Volume of job placements continues to grow or remains consistent in the hundreds/thousands.
  3. Employers see the TechHire pipeline as a prime source for recruiting and hiring.
  4. Data collected captures the demographics of individuals trained and placed into jobs.
  5. Training programs increase access for overlooked and underrepresented populations. I.E. A local training provider creates new on-ramps to training opportunities for low-wealth populations.
  6. TechHire Community Leads have sustainable funding and dedicated resources to manage TechHire activities.
Key Activities
  1. Build the training pipeline for new in-demand occupations. Work with employers to understand how their hiring needs have evolved and align with training provider offerings.
  2. Expand reach of TechHire efforts to include new regions that may require additional support to serve.
  3. Expand support services to reach new overlooked and underrepresented populations.
  4. Secure sustainable funding sources including: local or statewide government sources, employer fees, pay for success.
Success Strategies
  1. Promote TechHire stories and impact by pitching to your local media.
  2. Explore regional collaboration opportunities with other TechHire communities.
  3. Partner with community-based organizations and stakeholder groups to target other underrepresented/overlooked populations.

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