Stage 1: Build

Identify your community lead. Engage partners. Set goals.

During this stage, you’ll begin planning of TechHire in your community, generating momentum by identifying a core group of TechHire Partners, and setting goals.

BUILD Milestones
  1. Your Community Lead has been identified - with a vision of what TechHire success looks like in your community.
  2. A core group of TechHire partners are engaged:
    • First TechHire Advisory Council meeting completed and subsequent meetings scheduled on a regular basis.
  3. Relevant community leaders and partners are aware of TechHire and how to get involved.
  4. You have a method in place for collecting and tracking data. To pilot the TechHire Community Dashboard in your community, email us for information on how to get started.
  5. Complete Part I of the Planning Workbook (COMING SOON). Email us if you want to beta test our Community Planning Workbook.
Key Activities
  1. Clarify or re-assign the Community Lead role. The community lead has dedicated resources to convene regional partners, facilitate goal setting, and track progress towards TechHire goals.
    TechHire Community Leads are responsible for:
    • Leading and convening the local TechHire Advisory Council;
    • Participating in and contributing to the TechHire National Learning Network;
    • Participating in monthly calls with your designated Community Engagement Manager;
    • Recruiting employers, training providers and workforce development organizations to join the effort;
    • Job seekers outreach and engagement, coordinating with local organizations as needed;
    • Convening TechHire partners for regular meetings and events; an
    • Facilitating goal setting with partners and tracking progress against those roles on a regular basis.
  2. Set up a TechHire Advisory Council to build support for TechHire in your community. The Council should include 3-5 influential individuals (representing at least one employer, one training provider, funders, elected officials, and other stakeholders) committed to the success of TechHire. Council members should be willing to volunteer time on a monthly basis for Council meetings and other activities.
    Your TechHire Advisory Council is responsible for:
    • Defining and updating TechHire goals;
    • Coordinating and executing TechHire outreach strategies to build local support for TechHire; and
    • Sharing needs and best practices with partners to inform future strategies.
  3. Pitch potential partners on the TechHire commitment by sharing your vision for TechHire, explaining what the value proposition for each partner is, and how they can contribute.
  4. Gather labor market data to understand the supply of skills and demand of employers in your community.
Success Strategies
  1. Host a TechHire Kick-off meeting to introduce TechHire to potential partners and local leaders, build momentum, and invite community members to join the effort.
    • Host or partner with an organization who hosts regular TechHire meetups to facilitate networking opportunities for job seekers, increase the visibility of TechHire, and spread awareness of training opportunities.
  2. Develop your communications strategy
    • Outline a marketing and engagement strategy to spread the word about TechHire. Refer to our Marketing and Branding Guide to begin spreading awareness of TechHire in your community.
    • Update your page. Contact your Community Engagement Manager with any updates for your community.
    • Identify community influencers and arm them with the TechHire pitch. Work together to share ideas and generate strategies. Start by looking for the advocates already working hard - and partner with them to reach job seekers, employers, and local leaders.
  3. Don't expect employers to come to you. Meet them where they are!

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