Stage 3: Scale

Replicate what works. Scale job placements.

During this stage, “TechHires” will become more consistent, cost-effective and streamlined. Employers will seek out TechHire candidates.

  1. Job placements are being consistently made through the TechHire network. Successful training programs expand and the number of job placements increase exponentially.
  2. A strong group of employer champions are recruiting other employers, opening up more positions to TechHire candidates, and working with educators to update curriculum.
  3. Employers validate that TechHire is a hiring channel that works (including data like cost savings, retention, # of jobs filled, etc).
  4. There is a greater awareness of tech career training and employment opportunities within your community.
  5. Data, feedback, and lessons learned have been collected and communicated with the national TechHire network.
Key Activities
  1. Focus on growing and scaling skill validation and matching models/methods.
  2. Work with community-based organizations to build awareness of IT training and careers in the community. For example, advertising TechHire and IT careers within the K-12 school system or set up a high school internship/summer jobs program with employers.
  3. Expand your pipeline of job seekers. Create new partnerships and tailor marketing to new populations. Examples include: church and community groups, displaced workers from declining industries, youth, older workers, etc.
  4. Identify new sources of funding to expand capacity for TechHire training programs, serve new populations, or expand the occupational categories. Check out the TechHire Funding Guide 101.
Success Strategies
  1. Leverage success stories and outcomes in fundraising and outreach efforts:
    • Refer to the TechHire Marketing and Branding Guide for tips on how to drive media attention to TechHire.
    • Collect stories, photos and quotes from TechHire candidates who have been hired. Submit them to the national TechHire network.
    • Pitch TechHire results to local news outlets and invite reporters to attend events to see TechHire in action.
    • Collect testimonials from employers who have hired TechHire candidates and submit them to the national TechHire network. Share them on your marketing materials.
    • Share employer and job seeker success data and stories with your Mayor/ Governor to garner increased support.
  2. Build on best practices you’ve identified in the earlier stages.
  3. Identify ways to increase placementrates and programs scope in collaboration with existing training programs.

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