Stage 2: Launch

Mobilize community partners. Grow employer networks and training pipelines. Track progress and learn.

During this stage, you’ll cultivate an active group of TechHire partners, employers, and network of job seekers ready to be placed. You’ll begin capturing success stories and lessons learned along the way.

  1. Employers have begun to recruit other fellow employers to your TechHire effort and the network is growing.
  2. Initial job placements have occurred. Data and feedback from placements have been collected.
  3. Skill seeker milestones:
    • You have begun to build the pipeline of job-ready individuals.
    • You are creating awareness of IT careers and training opportunities for overlooked and underrepresented individuals in your community.
  4. Job seeker milestones:
    • Through the partnerships you’ve developed with educators/training providers, work to connect training graduates to open roles.
    • You have a pool of qualified job seekers who are ready to be placed and employers willing to consider hiring them.
  5. Submit success stories to be featured in the national TechHire network’s newsletter and social media channels:
  6. Begin to identify and secure sustainable funding.
Key Activities
  1. Leverage employer champions and early success stories to recruit a broader group of employers.
  2. Working with educators and employers, identify trusted validation and matching methods that screen candidates to make sure they meet the level of quality expected by employers. Read our Validation + Matching Guide to learn more.
  3. Identify gaps in labor market supply and demand.Check out our data use tutorial.
  4. Work with training provider partners to map out learning and career pathways. Work with partners who can recruit your target job seekers for training and track job placements.
  5. Increase awareness of TechHire training + job opportunities in your community by partnering with organizations that reach your target populations. Use the Job Seeker Outreach Guide as a starting point.
  6. Track all placements that occur. To begin tracking using our Data Dashboard, email us for information on how to get started.
Success Strategies
  1. Empower employers to play a role in coordinating with educators, building the employer network, and offering support to job seekers.
    • Refer to the Employer Outreach Guide for strategies to build your employer network and improve on already-existing employer partnerships.
  2. Approach local educators with your supply/demand gap analysis results to activate new partnerships.
  3. Participate in monthly TechHire Learning Network webinars to learn about different strategies to engage and grow your TechHire ecosystem.

Want to be featured in the national TechHire newsletter and social media channels? Submit a story below:

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