The TechHire Playbook

The TechHire Playbook provides community leads with resources and tools to launch and scale TechHire. The Playbook resources include planning exercises for leads and partners, how-to guides, pitchdecks for engaging employers and educators, and strategies to make TechHire successful in your community.

The playbook is designed for TechHire community leads and partners. The playbook is a living document, with new resources added on a bi-monthly basis. To add a resource of your own, email us!

Navigate to the stage that best reflects your community, or review each stage in sequence. There are foundational resources and tools in the Build and Launch stages that all communities may find valuable!

Access the full compilation of TechHire Resources here.

Stage 1: Build

Identify your community lead. Engage partners. Set goals.

During this stage, you’ll begin planning of TechHire in your community, generating momentum by identifying a core group of TechHire Partners, and setting goals.

Stage 2: Launch

Grow employer networks and training pipelines. Train and place. Track and learn.

During this stage, you’ll mobilize community partners, grow employer networks, and build training pipelines. You’ll begin to track progress and learn.

Stage 3: Scale

Replicate what works. Scale job placements.

During this stage, "TechHires" will become more consistent, cost-effective and streamlined. Employers will seek out TechHire candidates.

Stage 4: Thrive

Sustain and expand to reach community-level impact.

During this stage, you’ll scale TechHire across the community. You’ll work with partners to illustrate how TechHire candidates are succeeding and how employers are benefitting from hiring through TechHire.

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